Monday, December 6, 2010

Bye Bye Amazon

I have just been through all the previous posts on my blog, removing any links to Amazon for books or CDs that I have recommended. Next, I will shut down the account I've had with Amazon for a good 7+ years. Why? To protest their decision to shut down the Wikileaks mirror that was hosted on Amazon servers.

I think the current situation surrounding Wikileaks, especially the reactions, particularly from government officials, specifically towards Julian Assange, is one of the most important things to happen to our society. The over reaction, calling for Julian to be "brought down" (ie assassinated), with governments including jumping on the "me too" bandwagon just goes to show how far our so-called democracies have fallen.

This whole saga really concerns me - not just the evidence of the wide scale corruption many of us suspected (and now know for sure), the over reactions of those caught out, and how quickly many businesses are complying with commands to censor Wikileaks, but the fact that this isn't even registering on the radars of most people. WHAT WILL IT TAKE FOR OUR SOCIETY TO WAKE UP?

I sincerely hope that Julian Assange makes it through this alive.

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